Plasma cutting machine Steel Max

Steel Max is the biggest and strongest plasma cutting machinery of our range, which  is possible to integrate with many  different accessories.

Steel Max

Features Steel Max

Even the Steel Max model is built with a lower modular steel frame and an electro-welded aluminum crossbeam , all specifically sized to support drilling tools and combined accessories.
The use of the aluminum crossbeam ensures lightness, strength and elasticity, and allows the machinery to be strong, precise and fast.
Like all HPm machinery, prismatic guides and rectified racks are housed in the side beam; in the upper part, where the crossbeam slides, this center of gravity allows a perfect balancing, which is useful for the accelerations and for cutting accuracy. The CNC and the electronic part ensure the machinery to be efficient, reliable and easy to be managed.
The bench for the laying of the sheet is separated from the rails and is divided in suction segments with shutters automatically controlled by the CNC. The upper part of the table consists of frames or grid sectors of several models, chosen according to the type of accessories that make up the machinery.
Steel Max, like all the other HPm models, besides quality, does not neglect the stylish details, that make it stand out within the workshops where it is used.

Steel Max uses brushless motors with absolute encoders, extremely high precision gearboxes, recirculating ball screws, ground pinions and racks, skates and prismatic guides.

Steel Max is produced in cutting sizes of 1.5 – 2 – 2.5 – 3 – 3.5 meters in width, while even 40 meters in length.

We can produce personalized machinery, according to the needs of the customer;

The basic configuration consists of the single straight plasma torch, provided with a 360° anti-collision system to protect it from unexpected obstacles during the movement of the axes and electronic height control;

Two or more complementary technologies can be combined in a single machinery, by using the same structure, CNC and Software;

On this machinery any type of plasma generator can be installed.


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