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HPm srl machinery represent one of the best sheet metal cutting products currently available in the national and international market, which over time continue to maintain solidity, precision and reliability.

HPm srl offers a wide range of technologically advanced machinery with an attractive and innovative design, at the service of all companies in the metal cutting sector.

HPm srl has always distinguished itself in the market for having designed and developed machinery specifically designed for precise and fast plasma and laser cutting, thanks to the high sliding center of gravity and to the electro-welded aluminum crossbeam, unlike those who manufacture machinery based on oxy-fuel cutting with ground tracks and very low center of gravity. Our workshops are located in the Municipalities of Cavriglia and Montevarchi in the province of Arezzo, a total area of ​​12,000 square meters of which 5000 square meters covered.  Hpm srl is to be find next to the Chianti hills a short distance from Siena and Florence.

HPm srl staff register over thirty years of experience in the sector; all the machinery are designed by our engineers, with the latest generation of three-dimensional drawing programs. Subsequently our carpentry builds the pieces that later will be worked with high precision machinery  tools, painted and assembled with the commitment and the passion of always.
Our Customer Service is made up of skilled engineers and technicians, who thanks to the experience gained over the years  are able to deal with any problem,  give  consultancy and intervene by telephone or physically where necessary.

Recently we have adopted an alternative assistance system through which, thanks to our new “App”, customers can take advantage of the “HPm 4.0 link” for remote assistance service in order to solve the problems encountered in real time, by using a smartphone or the special “smart glass” for augmented reality.

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